Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming Soon... David Goslin at Gallery A!

Gallery A is proud to announce that David Goslin will be showing new work in the gallery during the month of May.

Known for his bright compositions, Goslin is unmistakably influenced by the Washington Color School. His vibrant pieces are distinguished for their technical qualities-- every line is straight, and every color has been carefully chosen. However, more recent work has lent itself to a bit of experimentation. Stacks of horizontal ovals now recall the color field paintings of Mark Rothko. Goslin does this in his own familiar vocabulary, as his colors respect their boundaries and their edges do not blend with one another. As a result, we are able to look at each hue as individual and full of character; together on the canvas they create something more organic than works past.

Goslin does not abandon his signature style, however, as sharp edged lines can still be found in various works both horizontal and vertical. His work continues to pop, and his colors couldn't be more eye-pleasing. David Goslin: New Color Paintings is a wonderful display by an artist who continues to expand and evolve his repertoire.

-Balkis Awan

Gallery A
2106 R Street NW
(202) 667-2599

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