Thursday, June 30, 2011

Studio Gallery Intern Review

The striking landscape "Ile en France" by Suzanne Goldberg uses an array of colors to show how light dances off of the ocean to reflect values of light onto the surface of a cliff. As I look at the painting, my eyes go straight to the sparkling water and how the different values of blue and purple make it come to life. I love how at the base of the cliff the reflection of the cliff is seen because of the green in the water. The use of light is amazing in the piece because of howbthe darker areas are closer to the viewer and the light areas are further away, this gives the painting a realistic depth of field. The shadows in the cliffs provide texture and contribute to the piece's realistic feel. While gazing at this scene, you can almost here the calm waves of the ocean against the cliffs. Suzanne's brilliant use of light and color really bring this piece to life and would be a lovely addition to ones home.

Asia Reynolds
Virginia Commonwealth University

Studio Gallery Intern Review

Suzanne Goldberg's lovely painting "Africa" is a beautiful depiction of African wildlife. It appears as a caveman drawing because of how the simple shapes and lines come together to create a water buffalo or a wildebeest, also the values of grey and brown blend to create a soft mood to the piece. The jagged lines produce texture that brings the viewer up closet see how the texture was created, and the blue lines stand out because of their large contrast against the neutral colors throughout the piece. The use of light and dark area puts emphasis on the anima sand guide the viewer to the subjects. Suzanne's amazing use of color and texture makes this piece a striking window into prehistoric life.

Asia Reynolds
Virginia Commonwealth University


Studio Gallery will be opening it's doors this Holiday Weekend on First Friday to welcome anyone looking for a little taste of art in spice up their evening!

Bring out of town friends and family to see some work that might just inspire and thrill them more than Monday's Fireworks!

New members Trish Palasik and Sally Levie have an incredible show downstairs where sculpture and drawing seamlessly and beautifully play off each other.

Upstairs the viewer takes flight as Suzanne Goldberg's paintings take them on a journey from East to West coast. Inspired by Anselm Kiefer Goldberg's rich textured canvases have a unique dimensionality that feels intricate and malleable.

First Friday is from 6-8 pm at 2108 R. Street NW. Also stop by Alex Gallery, Gallery A, and Hillyer Art Space for more artistic experiences.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trish Palasik's "Possibilities"

"Possibilities" by Trish Palasik: "The nude woman's figure flows upward into space, leaving the viewer wrapped in its remarkable essence. This piece stands alone in a powerful way, from the emphasis on the nudes large sculpted legs, to her wholesome rounded torso. Palasik's use of marble resin with deep green hues channels a natural organic connection form and color, centering the piece."

When focusing on this "Possibility" one notices the movement of this piece as a rhythm- From the top of the seemingly distant, unemphatic head, which then carries eye to the chest of the figure, and then to the lengthy arms draped behind the figure with hands together, and finally in a repetition of shapes. Together those elements provide a harmony within the piece, pulling the viewer to walk around the sculpture, to observe from different perspectives, in a continuing experience.

Palasik quotes: "Creating art is about transformation" Indeed her manipulation of mediums to create sculpture allows her to transform her ideas into reality.

Tiffany Green- Marymount University

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sally Levie's "Thoughtful"

Sally Levie's "Thoughtful" evokes an array of sensibilities from beauty and inspiration to sorrow and subtle desperation. It is an astonishing piece that engages the onlooker with the nude woman sitting in a poised and secure position full of complete melancholic contemplation.

Levie created this piece of art as a single figure sketched lightly and without a distinct surrounding or landscape, forcing the viewer to empathize solely with this elusive woman. The posture this woman takes of nude vulnerability impresses not only her individual solitude upon the viewer but the own viewer's as well, acting almost like a window towards a psychological revelation or a mirror of our own innerness. As we find ourselves withdrawing from aspects of the external world that seem to betray our own intuitions, we begin to occupy ourselves with ourselves and our own individual irrational desires. Thus, rather than this piece being an individual gazing upon another, it acts almost like a mirror image of our own internal senses.

"Thoughtful" is a wonderful work of art that must be experienced and seen. We encourage anyone who is interested to stop by Studio Gallery to truly engage yourself with this piece of art as well as the many other artworks that Levie has on display. Sally Levie's artwork will be on display until July 16 so don't miss out!

-Priscilla son, University of Virginia '13

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foundry Gallery

"Celebrate the Child in You"
Works by Donna McGee

Wed, June 29 through Sun, July 31 Opening Reception: Fri, July 1, 6-8pm

Artist and educator Donna McGee creates acrylic paintings in the American abstraction tradition. McGee is inspired by Pablo Picasso who said, "Every child is an artist, but the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Viewers are invited to experience a visual interaction to celebrate the child in you.

McGee's work is well known in the Washington, DC area. Her award winning work has been exhibited in New York and is in public and private collections. Her surfaces initially portray calmness, but they betray the possibility of implosion, as the many facades give way to the unknown beneath.

Artist Workshop: Art is a Way of Learning
Sat, July 9, 1-3 pm, Foundry Gallery
Learn how art fosters learning, creative and critical thinking, and self-expression--from early childhood through adulthood. Limited space: contact Donna K. McGee at $10 donation.

July Members' Exhibit
In addition to McGee's solo exhibit in Gallery 1, Gallery 2 features member artists' work that has not been shown before at the Foundry and is available for purchase. Come meet our artists at the Dupont Circle First Friday Gallery Tour on July 1, 6-8pm.

The Foundry Gallery has been bringing local artists and art lovers together since 1971. We are located at 1314 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036. Regular Hours: Wed - Fri 1-7pm, and Sat & Sun 12-6pm. For an exciting array of new work by an exceptionally talented group of artists, please be sure to visit the Foundry Gallery regularly.

Become a Member! We are currently accepting new member applications. For more information about the Foundry Gallery, our artists, or how to become a member, please visit our website at

Stay current with the Foundry, join us on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Opening at Studio Gallery

Opening June 22-July 16 First Friday Reception July 1 6-8 Solo Show:
Suzanne Goldberg "Chiaroscuro of the Landscape" Ms Goldberg as been
astounded by the beauty of the deep earth tones of the mountains that
contrast with the snow peaks as she travels to the West Coast. The
rhythms and textures of the mountains and landscapes echo the passion
she hears in Beethoven’s music, with the occasional river providing
gentle relief. Her technique and materials are inspired by Anselm
Keifer and his use of various found materials including sand, reeds,
twigs and dirt. Ms Goldberg primarily uses ashes to give her
landscape canvases more depth and texture New Member Show: Trish
Palasik and Sally Levie.

Studio Gallery shows the work of emerging artists and beautiful sculpture in our outdoor garden

All are Welcome to our wonderful and exciting openings

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Opening Reception

Opening Reception July 1

Alex Gallery 2106 R St. NW

Vyacheslav Pichugin
: Russian Still Life

"Viewing his paintings, you become immersed in a world of pure beauty and forget about life’s dulling routines. In the end, one understands that the nature in his paintings is not just nature but dreams about it.” Valery Portnyagin, Kurgan, Russia

Exhibit Runs: July 1-16

Gallery A
2106 R Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Studio Gallery's First Friday

The Studio Gallery 2108 R Street NW Dupont Circle 202.232.8734 Gallery Hours ; Wed-Thurs 1-7, Fri 1-8, Sat
1-6 and Sundays by appointment.
Opening May 25-June 18 First Friday ReceptionJune 3 6-8 p.m. Artist
Reception June 4 4-6 p.m.
Solo Show: Carol Rubin "Finding the Pulse" Ms. Rubin explores the
essential rhythms and beats, the energy of life, woven through
plants, waves, teaming cities and life affirming sarcophagi! Given the
range of her subject matter, there is a cohesiveness to her wonderful
application of paint and in her beautiful subdued palette. Duo Show:
Andrew Acquadro "The Essence of the Image" and Freda Lee McCann
"Hidden Meaning" Mr Acquadro uses memory to capture the essence and
simplicity of places he has visited. He deconstructs his images in
abstract works on small canvases. Ms Lee-McCann continues to honor the
great Chinese masters of the past, both in their poetry and art. She
boldly combines the use of poetry (calligraphy), watercolor, and pen
and ink in dynamic pieces that are equally elegant, graceful and

Studio Gallery Intern Review

A lifelike magnolia branch, dainty butterflies, and a charming border all make up Neena Birch's oil on canvas piece titled "Dried Magnolia Branch." The auburn colors and the realistic detailing of the dried magnolia branch are superb. Birch's shading adds astounding depth and texture to this waterless tree limb. Mellow butterflies fly and fade in the background. The sepia toned floral border is printed nicely on the ivory painted canvas. The placement of the branch is unique, in that it overlaps the printed border, making it the overbearing focus of the piece. Birch clearly has a gift of capturing the realism of nature while including her own personal touch of wildlife beauty.

Sarah Botzer
Pratt Institute 2015