Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alex Lord at Gallery A

Creating art with a background in auto detailing is not something most "fine artists" can say. Enter Alex Lord, a mixed media artist based out of Minneapolis. His show at Gallery A is surely one of the first of its kind. His works are attention grabbing and provacative. He challenges American cultural normativity by utilizing the common pairing of the female body and the car. His juxtaposition of the two, however, is what makes his work all the more daring. His pseudo-reliefs display torsos that are escaping from the confines of his canvases. Through an intricate process involving body casts made from plaster bandages, canvas, fiberglass resin, and layers upon layers of auto paint, Lord pays homage to the female form. In addition to his torso works are also abstract pieces evoking luxurious texture and teeming with fluidity. Don't miss Alex Lord at Gallery A, open now until November 30th!

-Balkis Awan

Gallery A
2106 R Street, NW
(202) 667-2599

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Ongoing Adventures of Studio Gallery Ties:

Here are some more interesting and exotic plans our patrons have for the ties in our collection:

"I will use my Ralph Lauren tie when I learn to play polo and drink mint juleps at the derby."

"I shall use my tie for job interviews by day and then will cut eye holes and tie it around my head as a ninja mask that I will use to then fight crime at night."

"I will use this tie to communicate my refined taste in aquatic sea-creatures."

I am going to use my tie to measure my biceps; and it will make a great leash for walking my cat!"

"I am going to use this sassy Gucci tie to make me feel like I've got some flava-flave even though I am a broke grad student."

Stop by Studio Gallery to grab a tie and leave a story about your plans for it!

Foundry Gallery January 2011 Exhibit

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wall of Wishes at Studio Gallery

When surrounded by art, new hopes and wishes enter the mind. Here at Studio Gallery we have created our own Wall of Wishes made of neck ties. Friends and visitors of the gallery have posted their wishes; here are some inspiring ones.

"I always wanted to learn how to tie a tie. I'm finally going to learn and wear it well. Rock it as the female among the men. Who knows? It might just be what I need in my search for a bit more strength."

"My plans for this tie include taking it on a grand adventure and then returning it to this very spot to travel again with someone else."

Come make a wish at Studio Gallery!

Chandi Kelly's "The Storm": A Fotoweek Treasure

"The Storm" is a part of a series of photographs by photographer Chandi Kelly featured at Studio Gallery. In this series, Kelly cleverly arranges several books between bookends on a shelf. Though they may at first appear to be simply a graphically pleasing view of a home, with a closer look, the viewer will discover a much deeper meaning. "The Storm" features bookends with figures of a colonial style couple turned away and facing the wall. Between them sits a row of books with titles such as "Lightening and Thunder", "Cocktail Party", and "Alone". Kelly excellently combines these objects in the composition to create a view into the repressed and unhappy relationship of a troubled couple.
Come see Kelly's works at Studio Gallery before November 20th!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Intern Review

One of the members of Studio Gallery, Jan Willem van der Vossen, brilliantly captures the essence of femininity in his collage Guardian Angels. Throughout the collage, there are images of women’s faces, eyes, lips, and hands. In the middle of the collage is the face of a beautiful woman with blue eyes; one of her eyes is covered by part of another face. The image of a woman’s hand with a big ring on her middle finger also expresses femininity by showing how women like to wear jewelry. The colors throughout the piece are soft and bright, which contribute to the piece’s beauty. Each part of the collage gives a sense of mysteriousness about women because there is never an entire image of a woman, only various parts. Each part is of a different woman, which to me, says any woman can be a guardian angel. This piece grabs my attention because of the swirl of colors Jan uses and how the colors make every part stand out in a different way. Many of Jan’s pieces show the different personalities and aspects of women, be sure to come see them at Studio Gallery.

Asia Reynolds
Montgomery Blair High School

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November at Studio Gallery

First Friday Reception: Nov 5, 6-8 p.m.,
Artists Reception: Nov 13, 3-5 p.m.

Solo Show: Fulvia Musti Ciarla "Blu".
-In her first solo show at Studio Gallery, Ms. Musti Ciarla explores the beauty of the ocean; both its fragility and power. She lets the ocean speak through her paintings that explore motion, color and pure paint along with mixed media. Ms. Musti Ciarla has exhibited in numerous exhibits in the DC area and was in...strumental in the show "Masks" a fundraiser for cancer at the Katzen Center at American University.

Duo Show:
-Yvette Kraft "Drawn to Drawing: A Community of Characters" In simple line drawings in pencil and ink Ms Kraft captures the quiet elegance and humor of the people she encounters in DC.

-Eleanor Kotlarik Wang "Chaotic Harmony" In her new work, Ms Wang continues to respond artistically to her personal experience and memories as a foreigner living in Beijing for over three years. Her paintings reflect her desires and struggles to find beauty, meaning and connection to that world.

Fotoweek show in the Betsy Ross Gallery:
-"The Breadth and Beauty of Photography" featuring Iwan Bagus, Peter Karp, Ann Chwatsky, Jesse Cohen, Chandi Kelley, Esther Hidalgo, Laila Jadallah, Yve Assad, Angela KleissPete Howe, Salma Khalil, Willie Davis, Olivia Olonso and Jean Francois Delamarre.

Studio Gallery 2108 R Street NW Dupont Circle