Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alex Lord at Gallery A

Creating art with a background in auto detailing is not something most "fine artists" can say. Enter Alex Lord, a mixed media artist based out of Minneapolis. His show at Gallery A is surely one of the first of its kind. His works are attention grabbing and provacative. He challenges American cultural normativity by utilizing the common pairing of the female body and the car. His juxtaposition of the two, however, is what makes his work all the more daring. His pseudo-reliefs display torsos that are escaping from the confines of his canvases. Through an intricate process involving body casts made from plaster bandages, canvas, fiberglass resin, and layers upon layers of auto paint, Lord pays homage to the female form. In addition to his torso works are also abstract pieces evoking luxurious texture and teeming with fluidity. Don't miss Alex Lord at Gallery A, open now until November 30th!

-Balkis Awan

Gallery A
2106 R Street, NW
(202) 667-2599

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