Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upcoming Events at Studio Gallery

First Friday Reception Oct 1 6-8 p.m.

Artists Reception: Oct 16 4-6p.m.

Solo Show: Chris Chernow, "CastOff: Looking at the Figure", Ms. Chernow continues her experiments with the human figure using oil on canvas, plaster and mixed media, and an installation exploring how we view the figure through color. Ms. Chernow, a recent graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design has exhibited in the area and was selected for the prestigious review; New American Paintings.

Duo Show: Carolee Jakes, "People and Places" Ms. Jakes work can be divided into two categories: identity and music. Her new figurative paintings incorporate themes from both identity and music and bring in the element of place. Ms Jakes is a 2008 graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design. She is both a painter and master print maker. Brian Williams "Your Own Personal Decider" Mr. Williams has found in abstraction a limitless capacity to discover the pleasure of the simple interaction of form and color. His ethereal and mysterious new paintings continue that tradition with works of oil on dibond panel that "nudge" the viewer into new worlds.

Studio Gallery shows the works of guest and emerging artists each month in their upstairs Betsy Ross Gallery as well as the work of Member artists. We also feature unique outdoor sculpture in our garden. Studio Gallery is located in a beautiful brownstone in historic Dupont Circle and is available for parties, meeting and receptions.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rosana Azar Exhibition

Worlds of Color: The Magic Realism of Rosana Azar

The opening reception is Friday, October 1 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm.The exhibit will be open from October 1-31, 2010.

Born is Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rosana Azar has established herself as a ‘Magic Realism’ painter. She casts light on the everyday, and investigates relationships between translucent form, vibrant texture and transcendent constructs.

The magical quality of her work is juxtaposed against the realism of everyday life and highlights color and beauty. Hidden imagery appears and the veiled enchantment of Azar’s work comes to life.

(Secret Universe, Mixed Media, 53 x 67, 2009)

The web site includes more info on the exhibit:

Gallery A
2106 R St. NW Washington, D.C. 20008

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interview with Artist Veronica Szalus

Q: What is your background in art?

A: I have a degree in jewelry design and industrial design.

Q: What led you to industrial design?

A: It was a natural progression from jewelry design. I wanted to expand on the size and scale of my work.

Q: What led to begin your work in installation pieces?

A: Working in three dimensions has always fascinated me. To expand upon my experience in jewelry design, I went to school to study industrial design, and gravitated toward space design. I began to explore working with interiors and architectural elements absorbing the idea of space and volume and what happens once you’re in it. Thus I began studying and experimenting with exhibit design.

Q: Describe your most recent work.

A: I have focused on Installations – the pieces I have created in the most recent past are pieces that take up a fair amount of space-- 20 by 40 feet depending on how much space I have to work with. They tend to be very vertical or horizontal, and made up of multiples.

Q: On the piece entitled Newsprint in Transition, what was your process?

A: For Newsprint Transition the process included taking full-size spread newspaper, mostly from the Post or the Wall Street Journal, coating it with dry compound and hanging it so would take on the look of fabric. I then stacked anywhere from 50 to 100 papers on top of each other. Because they had been shaped, there was volume, and they ended up being about six feet tall. I then repeated that process to make 2-5 such towers to complete the installation. It was then installed both inside and outdoors.

Q: How would you describe the general inspirational concepts behind your work?

A: I explore elements of transition-- transition in time particularly for the newsprint piece. The installation began with a very fresh and ridged presence , 6 weeks later elements of the installation started to bow and change shape, it started to conform to gravity. The shape of paper began to change and the paper itself began to move down a central spine so there was movement in more than one way.

Q: That is very interesting philosophically. How would you describe the conceptual ideas behind the piece?

A: The conditions of life. Taking a step back. We often get wrapped up in what’s happening immediately. And that can and does change daily. In general, over a four-year period, a lot of stuff can happen over the short term. But over the long term, as well, the world is continuing to evolve, mountains are eroding, the sun is expanding and will eventually consume the earth, and all these things are just getting closer. We’re facing transition all the time, on many levels. From daily activities to the fact that stuff is happening in your neighborhood, in your nation, worldwide, there are storms brewing somewhere etc. There’s this constant change. The world is four billion years old, and nothing is permanent. Even the earth itself is not permanent. One day the universe as we know it will not be the same.

Q: This reminds me of the constant theme of microcosm versus macrocosm in your work.

Q: Yes, the way I document the work, kind of emulates that. Also, the process of making it can be tied into the theme of microcosm versus macrocosm. For example, each sheet of newsprint is its own microcosm. And the singular element of the piece has a completely different feel from when it is transformed into one installation.

Q: Where do you see your projects heading?

A: I’m not exactly sure. I see them continuing with the focus on transition, and I might be adding more natural materials. I would like to use both decomposing and stable materials. The pieces are designed to react with the environment. For example, in my most recent work, a series of cylinders were originally intended to be placed outside because they are very porous, and leaves would collect in it. And over time, the leaves would decompose, and finally snow would cover it, etc.

Q: Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

A: Anything can be inspirational to me. It could be a color, an event, a work of art that leaves me transfixed. Most recently, an exhibition at MAD in New York had this effect on me. It was called Slash: Paper Under the Knife - it was a series of paper sculptures and installations. I thought many of the works there were just incredible, particularly because they were using paper in an unusual and massive manner.

Interview by Jennifer Segal

Studio Gallery intern


NOW at the Corcoran Museum of Art

When |
October 1, 8:00 pm - October 2, 2010
Where |
Corcoran Gallery of Art
500 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, DC

NOW at Night, a cocktail fundraising event hosted by the Corcoran Contemporaries, is the launch celebration of the Corcoran’s new contemporary art space, NOW at the Corcoran. NOW at the Corcoran opened September 11 with work by Brooklyn-based artist Spencer Finch. For NOW at Night Friday, October 1, NOW artist Chris Martin (whose show opens June 2011) will celebrate with local contemporary art lovers, collectors and philanthropists.

NOW at the Corcoran is a series of one-and two-artist exhibitions that present new work addressing issues central to the local, national, and global communities of Washington, D.C., and that respond to the collection, history, and architecture of the Corcoran.

Guests will enjoy a private viewing of NOW at the Corcoran’s inaugural exhibition, Spencer Finch: My Business, with the Cloud as well as the Corcoran’s newly reinstalled permanent collection of modern and contemporary art since 1945. The celebration continues with a cocktail and dessert buffet, beer, wine, specialty drinks, and dancing with entertainment provided by Bluebrain and ESL Music’s Thunderball. The evening ends with a preview of Salon Corcoran – the museum’s lounge at NADA Art Fair Miami Beach - and an after-party at the W Hotel’s Living Room Bar.

TICKETS: Tickets cost $150; VIP tickets cost $500. VIP ticket includes an invitation to an intimate pre-reception from 7-8 p.m. in the Director’s Office, during which Chris Martin will discuss the concepts for his upcoming NOW at the Corcoran exhibition; a luxury gift bag, and recognition on the NOW at Night Web site. Tickets on sale Thursday, August 19 through Saturday, August 28, or until sold out. All proceeds support NOW at the Corcoran. Tickets available online at

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foundry Gallery: Land, Air and Sea

In these paintings inspired by the natural beauty of our planet’s LAND, AIR AND SEA, Ron Riley portrays images which evoke a sense of internal peace, tranquility, serenity and power uniting us with the majestic forces we find within ourselves and in our natural environment. In these recent works Ron Riley’s tactile palette ranges from the soft and pastel which evoke visions of a tranquil and peaceful planet whereas his deep and more intense hues engender visions of some of nature’s more ominous forces.

Exhibit Dates: September 29- October 31
Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 1-7pm & Saturday-Sunday, 12-6pm

Reception: Friday, October 1, 6-8pm
Location: 1314 18th Street, NW

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Studio Gallery Art of the Day

A deep-sea, outer-space voyage exists within this frame, more a portal into another realm than four solid pieces of wood. I imagine diving into this painting, right in the center of the cosmos, and red clouds billow around me. I feel almost ashamed by this piece, as if it's not meant for human eyes. A door to a different form of matter, where nothing exists but in dust and smoke, and I, myself, am but an ever-shifting cloud passing through, reaching with wisping fingers through the pale darkness. Yet this world is not turbulent, in spite of the violent colors. I am put to ease by this image, as it is soft and billowing, like a pillow or red curtains in the twilight of a foreign afternoon. It is a memory of a peace that was and is, shifting but always presently dynamic, sifting through the pulse of my own mind, heart and energy.

Note the image above is a piece included in Steven Fleming's series, of which the piece described above is a part.

Studio Gallery Intern Review
Jennifer Segal
GWU Fine Arts Major '12

Friday, September 10, 2010

Studio Gallery Artist Vernissage

Artist Vernissage at One Lounge in Dupont Circle
September 22, 2010 6:30-8:30 pm
1606 20th Street, NW
Washington DC, 20009

Come join Studio Gallery artists Andrew Acquadro, Elizabeth McNeil Harris, and Trix Kuijper for a scintillating evening at One Lounge in Dupont Circle for the first in a series of Artist Vernissages. Each possessing their own unique vision, Ms. Kuijper is a surrealist, Mr. Acquadro an abstract painter, and Ms. Harris does figurative drawings. Listen as they each describe their influences and process in creating art. The evening is sure to bring great dialogue, new friendships, and awake your passion for the arts.

Wine Tasting

Come to a Free Wine Tasting Tonight Featuring Studio Gallery Artist Bud Hensgen. Mr. Hensgen will speak about two very different series of paintings, "Mindful of Morandi", figurative work, and "After the Revolution", large abstract canvases. The event is hosted by Dupont Fine Wines and Spirits at 1325 Conn Ave. NW 6-7:30 p.m. Help inaugurate the first of a series of artist's talks and wine tastings at Dupont Fine Wines and Studio Gallery Artists

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Studio Gallery's First Friday

In addition to our wonderful shows, come see the beautiful work of our former intern and emerging artist, Amanda Horowitz. Ms Horowitz is a second year student at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. She is majoring in painting and did a series of works on paper being shown for the first time at Studio Gallery. They are based on the poem, Barnacle by Marianne Moore.

Join us for the Artist Reception, September 10th.

The Washington Studio School is delighted to announce the opening of our Certificate Student Graduation Exhibition featuring artist Jill Bateman, on view August 29th to September 26th, 2010.

Join us and meet Jill at the Artist's Reception on Friday, September 10th (from 6-8:30pm). This is a free event. RSVP is NOT required.

About Jill:
Jill graduated from the University of Tennessee, Phi Beta Kappa, with a B.A. in French. She studied art at both the University of Tennessee and The University of California at Los Angeles, and she holds a Certificate in Painting and Drawing from the Corcoran School of Art as well as the Washington Studio School.

To view more of Jill's work visit

Artist Statement:
"I fell in love with drawing and painting in college and have over the years sought out artistic knowledge and experience wherever I could get it. I didn't necessarily set out to become an 'artist.' I just know that when I am behind an easel, I'm happier with a sense of my life holding together in a more integrated balanced way. I find this balance exploring the grid, enjoying the tension between the organic sensitivity and fluidity of the line as it intersects the more rigid and predictable horizontals and verticals."

About the Certificate Program:
The Washington Studio School Certificate Program provides students with a structured course of study designed to advance a student's ability and comprehension and equip graduates with an applicable mastery of the visual language. Intensive studio classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, and related subjects are supported by seminars in history, theory, and critique. Our Certificate Program is directed to those whose primary goal is the making of art.

Washington Studio School
2129 S Street NW
Washington, DC 20008
Located a few blocks North of the Dupont Circle Metro Station.

T: 202.234.3030

Last Chance to Register for Fall Term Courses!

Fall Term begins Tuesday, September 7th. Registration is now open. Visit us online to view the complete list of classes and schedule.

Throughout the year - Ongoing events: Mondays, 7-10pm, OPEN FIGURE DRAWING WITH THE MODEL. Thursdays, 7-10pm, OPEN FIGURE PAINTING WITH THE MODEL. NEW--Saturdays, 1:30- 4:30, OPEN STILL LIFE SESSIONS. Cost: $18 per session, or you may purchase packs of classes for a discount (ask about it when you stop in). 4 SESSIONS $65, 8 SESSIONS $130, 12 SESSIONS $180. Professional models will be available to all artists who wish to attend. No RSVP required, just drop in. No instruction, this class is run by a moderator only. Space is available on a first come first serve basis. Easels are provided. Please bring your own materials and drawing boards.

Washington Studio School

2129 S Street NW

Washington, DC 20008

T: 202.234.3030

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September at Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery 2108 R Street NW Dupont Circle, 202-232-8734. Open Wed-Thurs 1-7, Fri 1-8, Sat 1-6 (Sunday by appointment)
Opening Sept 1-25 , First Friday Reception Sept 3, 6-8 pm, Artist Reception Sept 11 4-6 Solo Show: Brian Kirk: Sculpture +, Mr Kirk welds together bold steel sculptures from industrial scraps and fabricated forms. He loves the tension between the strength of steel and the delicate balance he creates in both large and small works..Mr Kirk also explores the organic nature of the rust steel produces in beautiful monoprints created and embellished by his hand. Duo Show: Lori Anne Boocks: small boxes....some on fire, In her first duo show at Studio Gallery, Ms Boocks continues her works on canvas with a hidden story fragment that influences her palette with beautiful layers and washes of color, just hinting at the text underneath. Jan Willem Van der Vossen: New Work, Mr Van der Vossen begins his paintings with a series of compositional essays going in different directions of color and form.

Studio Gallery shows the works of guest and emerging artists each month in their upstairs Betsy Ross Gallery as well as the work of Member artists. We also feature unique outdoor sculpture in our garden. Studio Gallery is located in a beautiful brownstone in historic Dupont Circle and is available for parties, meeting and receptions.