Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Studio Gallery Art of the Day

A deep-sea, outer-space voyage exists within this frame, more a portal into another realm than four solid pieces of wood. I imagine diving into this painting, right in the center of the cosmos, and red clouds billow around me. I feel almost ashamed by this piece, as if it's not meant for human eyes. A door to a different form of matter, where nothing exists but in dust and smoke, and I, myself, am but an ever-shifting cloud passing through, reaching with wisping fingers through the pale darkness. Yet this world is not turbulent, in spite of the violent colors. I am put to ease by this image, as it is soft and billowing, like a pillow or red curtains in the twilight of a foreign afternoon. It is a memory of a peace that was and is, shifting but always presently dynamic, sifting through the pulse of my own mind, heart and energy.

Note the image above is a piece included in Steven Fleming's series, of which the piece described above is a part.

Studio Gallery Intern Review
Jennifer Segal
GWU Fine Arts Major '12

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