Thursday, November 11, 2010

Intern Review

One of the members of Studio Gallery, Jan Willem van der Vossen, brilliantly captures the essence of femininity in his collage Guardian Angels. Throughout the collage, there are images of women’s faces, eyes, lips, and hands. In the middle of the collage is the face of a beautiful woman with blue eyes; one of her eyes is covered by part of another face. The image of a woman’s hand with a big ring on her middle finger also expresses femininity by showing how women like to wear jewelry. The colors throughout the piece are soft and bright, which contribute to the piece’s beauty. Each part of the collage gives a sense of mysteriousness about women because there is never an entire image of a woman, only various parts. Each part is of a different woman, which to me, says any woman can be a guardian angel. This piece grabs my attention because of the swirl of colors Jan uses and how the colors make every part stand out in a different way. Many of Jan’s pieces show the different personalities and aspects of women, be sure to come see them at Studio Gallery.

Asia Reynolds
Montgomery Blair High School

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