Friday, November 19, 2010

The Ongoing Adventures of Studio Gallery Ties:

Here are some more interesting and exotic plans our patrons have for the ties in our collection:

"I will use my Ralph Lauren tie when I learn to play polo and drink mint juleps at the derby."

"I shall use my tie for job interviews by day and then will cut eye holes and tie it around my head as a ninja mask that I will use to then fight crime at night."

"I will use this tie to communicate my refined taste in aquatic sea-creatures."

I am going to use my tie to measure my biceps; and it will make a great leash for walking my cat!"

"I am going to use this sassy Gucci tie to make me feel like I've got some flava-flave even though I am a broke grad student."

Stop by Studio Gallery to grab a tie and leave a story about your plans for it!

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