Thursday, September 1, 2011

Intern Review: 9/11 Arts Project

One of our new interns, Denise Valdez from the University of Maryland wrote a response to our upcoming show, the 9/11 Art Project. The show is going on from NOW until September 28th; with a reception on September 11th from 4 - 6 PM (which will include poetry and music). Don't forget about First Friday (TOMORROW) from 6 - 8!

The 9/11 Arts Project Show has inspired many artists to show their perspective on a catastrophic day from that time until a decade later. Entering the show the audience not only sees the artwork visually but can read the impact it had through text. The work of Langley Spurlock “At The Time” has six mounted pieces poetically written that goes from the confusion of the people, to the loss of someone they knew. Beautifully written it is short and to the point but with much power and connects the audience to feel a sense of loss and connect with that day or with any type of loss.

Langley Spurlock's "At the Time"

Suzanne Yurin’s piece “Rising” gives a visual impact with her mixed media piece. She clips pieces of newspaper or magazine that show a devastating day for all of the United States, and the people in the mist of dust we saw in 2000 in our tv screens. Through this painting the audience relives the past going from darkness, to loss, to unclarity. This piece gives anyone the sense of how the United States viewed New York; a state of uncertainty, a place in shambles, the sky was never clear just patches of fog.

Suzanne Goldberg’s “Devastation 9/11”portrays the 9/11 firefighters looking into the city. Some are alone and some are in groups. Putting them in the front of the painting makes the city look big to them, the rubble, towers and color depict the gloom and fear of the people. These firefighters are the heroes people saw and even though it was a huge challenge for them to go through countless times into dust they were the ones that never gave up on the huge task of saving people.

This show not only brings back feelings of unclarity and loss but shows that even through time there is still something that is missing, something and countless people that died on such a tragic day. Through it the pieces we learn about a day in the United States whether someone lived it or not, the audience will experience a day that will not be forgotten.