Saturday, May 26, 2012

Micheline Klagsbrun's "TREE FEVER"

This review of Studio Gallery's current solo show was written by new Studio Gallery intern, Lily Sehn. "Tree Fever" is on view now through June 16th. The Artist's Reception is June 9th from 4 - 6.
The concept of transformation transcends all other aspects of human difference. Change, and various emotions that result from our experiences with it, is the only thing that is predictable. Micheline's new series of mixed media paintings explores transformation and metamorphosis through works that draw from the literary sources of Ovid's Metamorphoses and the poetry of Dylan Thomas.

Three large canvasses interpret narrative scenes from the original Greek tale, and it is these three works that introduce the conceptual framework of the entire show. Daphne exists simultaneously as nymph and tree; Micheline has captured her in the moment of transformation where human movement and floral growth are intertwined and ultimately inseparable. The large, fluid areas of color and carefully articulated line further emphasizes the transformation happening in front of our eyes.

Micheline's interest in trees, and in Daphne's flowing hair is apparent in many of the works on display. At the end of Ovid's poem, it is Daphne's hair (in the form of the transformed Laurel leaf) that Apollo claims for his crown and symbol of victory, but unlike the leaves plucked from the tree that eventually fade away and die, Daphne's existence is eternal. The drawings on vellum, titled with lines from Dylan Thomas' poetry, seem to be inspired by this sense of perseverance and continuous transformation that Micheline's Daphne possesses. (Unlike Ovid's Daphne, who merely fades into a silent existence). These works are not directly related to the narrative of Metamorphoses but draw on the imagery of arboreal growth and personal transformation. “The Elm and the Grapevine Celebrate Their Thousandth Wedding Anniversary” portrays figures that are both human and vine, and which express to the viewer a sense of emotional attachment that is not often paired with plant growth. The figure in “...under the green laid veil...” remains human while becoming inseparable from the blanket of leaves that engulfs her.

Tree Fever draws together the worlds of literature and art in an exquisite pairing of the senses, and serves as a reminder of our own states of metamorphosis.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Foundry Gallery: "Touch Points II"


OPENING RECEPTION: FRI, JUNE 01, 2012 6:00 - 8:00 PM
REGULAR HOURS: WED - FRI 1:00 - 7:00 PM,
SAT & SUN NOON - 6:00 PM


Katherine Blakeslee is a watercolorist whose new work is a continuing exploration of nature and places real an d imaginary, familiar and strange, at home and abroad. She is fascinated by the connections between continents and peoples represented by the sea and the the sky we share.

This show's works include images from across the world where serenity
and turbulence sometimes co-exist. To Blakeslee, watercolor embodies the interplay of factors which make up our complex world. It can be both translucent and opaque, it can move slowly or quickly, and it can transcend boundaries and even the imagination of the artist. Like our world, watercolor is never within the individual artist's complete control, sometimes in wonderful co-creation.

Katherine Blakeslee has been interested in art and creative pursuits all her life. Self-taught as a watercolorist she began to explore painting in 2003, inspired, in part, by a painting she did as a child and saved by her father.


In addition to Katherine's solo exhibit in the main Gallery, Foundry's Gallery II features member artists exhibiting work that has not been shown before at the Foundry. For an exciting array of work that changes monthly and is exhibited by a unique group of talented artists, please be sure to regularly visit the Foundry Gallery. All work is for sale. For more information about the Foundry artists, please visit


The Foundry Gallery now has an on-line Virtual Gallery featuring several of our member's artwork. The tour was developed to promote its new Art Lease/Purchase Program. The program is designed to reach out to organizations or individuals who are looking to complement their environment with artwork that expresses their personal style or image. Artwork shown on the Virtual Gallery is currently available to lease, lease to purchase, or purchase outright through the Foundry Gallery. Detail information about each piece is available by clicking on the camera icon next to the artwork. More information on the artists may be found by clicking on the "!" next to the artwork.

To lease and/or purchase artwork, please contact the Foundry Gallery directly. Consultation services are also available where one of our representatives will work directly with you or your committee to assist in the selection process (hourly fees apply). Our contact information can be found by clicking on the contact icon in the main menu bar at the bottom of the Virtual Gallery screen.

To visit the Virtual Gallery, click on the image below, or copy the following link to your browser:
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We always welcome visitors to our physical location at 1314 18th Street, NW, WDC 20036. Our website has an ongoing schedule of monthly solo shows, group exhibits and opening receptions.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

MCA Open Studio Tour - This Weekend!

It's here! The 10th Semi-Annual Mid City Artist Open Studio Tour! In celebration, this weekend the DC Art Glass studio, along with twenty-five other artists, will be open to the general public. A wide variety of artistic mediums will be well represented including art glass, painting, mixed media, photography, metal sculpture, printmaking, and found object collage.

Come join the festivities! See where the artists create their work, explore one of DC's most vibrant neighborhoods, discover new businesses, check out new restaurants and, of course, browse & purchase fresh, new artwork! 


DATE: Sat & Sun, May 19 & 20
TIME: 11am - 5pm (individual studios vary)
LOCATION: 1322 Corcoran St, NW, WDC 20009

Browse the MCA website to see which artists are participating, what kind of art they create and who is new. Then, for a handy reference guide during the tour, download a map/brochure

Plan to kick-off your tour at the DC Art Glass studio,
 open at least one hour before the other studios.
During the tour, Robert's latest series of kilnformed vessels will be on display. These pieces were created using special reactive glass from Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon and they incorporate a special multi-firing technique perfected in Northern Ireland. Stop by the DC Art Glass studio to learn more!