Friday, January 21, 2011

Ties and Tales Friday

On our door you will find a bevy of unique ties. We ask that you take one and write an anonymous wish, "what are you going to do with it?", or story. Here are a few examples of the words and anecdotes that people have shared with our gallery:

"I am wearing it to my meeting on Tuesday W/ Nicole Frank to talk about Columbia + Mexico
<3 Allen"

"Tie the hands of those who commit violence in the world"

"I am going to give mine to my stylish cousin for her bday!!"

"There is enough Food for all the people in the world to eat"

"We are, but one small speck in a vast universe"

"why can't we all get along! I am wearing my tie tomorrow on my date with my boyfriend!"

"I am going to use my tie to measure my biceps; and it will make a great leash for walking my cat!"

Feeling even more generous? We accept tie donations.
We want to keep this going so, if you like what you read, log off you PC, and come share it!


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