Saturday, November 12, 2011

David Suter at Gallery A

Exhibit extended thru December 31!

David Suter is a beloved local painter and sculptor who made his name as a graphic illustrator for The Washington Post, New York Times, and Time magazine. He was born in DC, and recently returned home after making his name in New York City.

In the works currently on display, Suter seeks forms that we all carry within our collective memory, from cozy fireplaces and ducks on ponds to Grim Reapers and an Every Man being chased, David Suter's work is representational and highly symbolic. Art critic Florie Gilbard explains, “He digs intently into his own psyche to unearth forms that have profound familiarity and meaning – shapes and structures derived from nature, our own bodies, and those of other beings.” Suter paints with acrylic, often composing frames out of found pieces of wood. His sculptures are made of wood, aluminum, glass, and steel. Approximately 35 of works are on display.

More examples of his current work are here:

- Eunice Um

Gallery A
2106 R Street NW
(202) 667-2599

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