Saturday, January 7, 2012

Haiti, Wild Portraits, and Worldscapes

This month at Studio Gallery, I've invited two DC artists, Jenna Crowder and Keith Lane to show some of their work. They had been friends of mine for awhile, and I screen-printed some posters for them awhile back which is also when I realized how amazing they are at what they do. They both live in the realm of freelance which is a very unstable world to live in -- freedom is stressful. The show they have showcases work that nobody is hiring them to do, but rather work they honestly enjoy doing.

The first show is their collaborative show, "Reverb + Echo: A Haitian Landscape" based off their collaborative Ornamental Foxes and showcases their work in Haiti. There are 12 pairs of photographs and monoprints. Keith Lane does the photographs and Jenna Crowder does the monoprints. They are meant as pairs. I see them as two ways of seeing one moment. The photographs are the instant response-- they capture the moment in the moment. You see the moment the way your eyes see it. The monoprints are responses after months of contemplation. They start combining voodoo and culture and Haitian symbols. Together they give the viewer a beautiful and complete sense of the place and time.

The lower floor shows their individual fine art, "a pair of scopes". Crowder has created some extraordinary graphite portraits. People have been asking me who these people are, what are their stories, etc because it is so obvious that these people are significant and have stories. Because they're based off of blind contours, they all look a little warped, a little moved about. Keith Lane's landscapes are snapshots from around the world. They range from mysterious to familiar -- the famous streets of Venice to a pure shot of ice. Jenna and Keith have two very different kinds of work, but on walls opposed to each other, they seem to follow a similar journey.

- Fawna Xiao
Director of Studio Gallery
The exhibitions will be up until the 28th of January. Artist Talk on January 14th from 5 - 6 and a Closing Reception on the 28th from 4 - 6.

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