Saturday, June 9, 2012

Linda Touby: New Paintings

presented by Alex Gallery

Linda Touby's newest paintings from the Pigeon Series is currently on display at the Alex Gallery.  Touby's paintings evoke a sense of calming tranquility in which she masters a looser brushstroke paired with a soothing color palatte.  The Pigeon Series is inspired by Picasso's images of pigeons from Cannes in the late 1950s.  Just as Picasso's  The Pigeons nods to his predecessors, Touby similarly acknowledges her inspirations, yet pushes forward with more active brushstrokes and texture.  Her unique mixture of beeswax and oil painting create a lush luminous canvas rousing emotions of the rich sun found in Cannes.  Linda Touby: New Paintings is on view just in time for the emerging summer season!

Pigeons #82, 2011

Linda Touby: New Paintings will only be on display until the end of July at Alex Gallery.  The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11a.m.-5p.m.

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