Sunday, June 24, 2012

Foundry Gallery: "Call and Response"



OPENING RECEPTION: FRI, JULY 06, 2012, 6:00 - 8:00PM
REGULAR HOURS: WED - FRI, 1:00 - 7:00 PM, SAT & SUN NOON - 6:00 PM


An eclectic group of artists, including Foundry Gallery members and guest artists, present a diverse collection of bold, graphic paintings that combine organic elements and urban sensibilities.

The distinctive use of color, pattern and light in each work comes together to create an interactive, visual fusion that mimics the energy of improvised jazz music. Like musical riffs, the paintings call and respond to each other, producing a rhythmic harmony that is both joyful and dark.

The Artists of the Abstract Collective are: Ana Elisa Benavent*, Lisa Bohrer, Maruka Carvaial*, Ann Crain, Marie Crow, Denise Dittmar, Octavia Frazier, M. Jane Johnson, Katie Joselow, Cecilia Kalish, Paula Lantz and Meg MacKenzie (*Foundry Gallery member).


In addition to the Artists of the Abstract Collective exhibit in the main Gallery, Foundry Gallery II features member artists exhibiting work that has not been shown before at the Foundry. For an exciting array of work that changes monthly and is exhibited by a unique group of talented artists, please be sure to regularly visit the Foundry Gallery. All work is for sale. For more information about the Foundry artists, please visit


The Foundry Gallery has an on-line Virtual Gallery featuring several of our member's artwork. The tour was developed to promote its new Art Lease/Purchase Program. The program is designed to reach out to organizations or individuals who are looking to complement their environment with artwork that expresses their personal style or image. Artwork shown on the Virtual Gallery is currently available to lease, lease to purchase, or purchase outright through the Foundry Gallery. Detail information about each piece is available by clicking on the camera icon next to the artwork. More information on the artist may be found by clicking on the "!" next to the artwork.

To lease and/or purchase artwork, please contact the Foundry Gallery directly, Consultation services are also available where one of our representatives will work directly with you or your committee to assist in the selection process (hourly fees apply). Our contact information can be found by clicking on the contact icon in the main menu bar at the bottom of the Virtual Gallery screen.

To visit the Virtual Gallery, click on the image below, or copy the following link to your browser: Feel free to share our Virtual Gallery with friends, family and colleagues.

We always welcome visitors to our physical location at 1314 18th Street, NW, WDC 20036. Our website has an ongoing schedule of monthly solo shows, group exhibits and opening receptions.

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(Visit out website for artists application and detail membership information.)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rosana Azar: Twenty-Two Years Celebrating the Arts

A retrospective exhibition

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 22  6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Embassy of Argentina

Currently on exhibition at the Embassy of Argentina is a retrospective of Rosana Azar's 22 years as a painter in Washington, DC.  The retrospective emphasizes three stages of Azar's work. In the first stage, Azar begins her journey as a DC painter in her "Surrealist Dreams" phase.  Her painting process was dream-like; she scribbled until an image came alive through colors. The second phase is "New Dimensions."  These smaller-scale paintings often morph together into one larger work of art.  Azar connects many of these smaller paintings creating a large scale work of art.  The final and ongoing phase of Azar's work is her "Evolutions of Dreams" phase.  Azar fills canvases with texture, utilizing different mediums on white canvas, then places layers of translucent paint until an image appears.  Her images often appear spontaneously.  Azar creates images that cross cultural boundaries through her use of colors and textures, speaking to a place deep within viewer's souls.

The Embassy of Argentina was recently renovated.  It is a great time for everyone to see the new Embassy and experience the wonderful art of Rosana Azar.

Rosana Azar: Twenty-Two Years Celebrating the Arts is on exhibition through July 16 at the Embassy of Argentina located at 1600 New Hampshire Ave NW near Dupont Circle.  The retrospective is open from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for public viewing.  The Opening Reception will take place Friday, June 22 6:30-8:00 p.m. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Linda Touby: New Paintings

presented by Alex Gallery

Linda Touby's newest paintings from the Pigeon Series is currently on display at the Alex Gallery.  Touby's paintings evoke a sense of calming tranquility in which she masters a looser brushstroke paired with a soothing color palatte.  The Pigeon Series is inspired by Picasso's images of pigeons from Cannes in the late 1950s.  Just as Picasso's  The Pigeons nods to his predecessors, Touby similarly acknowledges her inspirations, yet pushes forward with more active brushstrokes and texture.  Her unique mixture of beeswax and oil painting create a lush luminous canvas rousing emotions of the rich sun found in Cannes.  Linda Touby: New Paintings is on view just in time for the emerging summer season!

Pigeons #82, 2011

Linda Touby: New Paintings will only be on display until the end of July at Alex Gallery.  The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11a.m.-5p.m.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CAROL RUBIN: A Review by Devin Joyce

Carol Rubin's show "Scapes and Escapes" runs until June 16th. Her artist's reception is this Saturday June 9th, from 4 - 6 PM. The exhibition and the reception are open to the public.

Day dreaming of beaches and pining for a vacation are all too common as summer greets us with rising temperatures and busy schedules. It is a tempting thought to abandon responsibilities for a day or just close your eyes for a moment to yourself. Or in my case, to explore Carol Rubin's current show: Scapes and Escapes. As the title suggests, it truly is an escape from the cloudy day hovering above me or a stressful to do list.

The walls are covered in a variety of landscapes that include city, coast, and 'mind-scapes'.

Rubin builds layers upon deteriorating layer in Orange Crush and City on a Hill, as you can almost feel as the pieces fracture and break away off in the distance. Rubin plays with the colors in a way that creates confusion between fore and background. These harsh urban pieces oppose the fluid, calming movement in her Palms and Tide pieces. The repetitive stripes of color serve to simplify the ocean tides but still create a recognizable coastline. Her series of Palm trees are an abstract perception of the patterns in the sky created by the leaves. Rubin's tracts of color through the thick layers of white show how light dances through the leaves on a sunny day.

One piece that stands apart from the recognizable scapes is Angle of Repose. This piece is titled after the architectural phrase which means, “ the angle where everything relaxes”. As Rubin explained the piece to me, it was very clear that is was an internal experience. These pieces on the canvas fit within each other and made sense to her. As a viewer, it stands out from the rest of the show because I was not looking for familiar architecture or elements of nature, but trying to explore it from Rubin's perspective.

Rubin discusses the role of empathy through her work, she explained that her paintings are an emotional experience. This show is infused with the seen and the imagined, the cool breeze and noises of the city, and an escape on every wall. Whether that may be a far away place or Carol's mind, they are all beautifully done.