Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Passing Impressions," Stunning Graphite Works on Paper by Lynn Mocarski Maurer

Gallery A is pleased to present “Passing Impressions,” an exhibit by Virginia artist Lynn Mocarski Maurer. Lynn Mocarski Maurer’s extremely detailed graphite drawings explore life through the metaphor of peonies. Life just like these delicately drawn peonies is made up of tiny details. Closer viewing is necessary in order for these details to come to life and form a collective shape. 

Vulnerabilty, 25 x 31, 2015

The initial immediacy of Lynn’s work is very striking but it is only after carefully  observing the works for an extended amount of time that the viewer comes to appreciate the artist’s tremendous effort. Hundreds of hours have been meticulously poured into crafting each of these 12 individual works. The artist has labored tirelessly in order to convey this connection between everyday human life and nature. 

Graphite on paper is just one medium the artist works in. Lynn works in various media. Her last Gallery A exhibit featured still life paintings in oil. 

Lynn graduated with her BFA from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She has exhibited at numerous venues in the Washington metro area including the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Lord Fairfax Community College. In addition to these exhibitions she has done commissioned work for the Washington National Cathedral.


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