Saturday, November 7, 2009

Artist Reception at Studio Gallery Today!

Solo Show:

Elena Stamberg: Madonnas Assembled

Elena Stamberg's dynamic mixed-media sculptures include elements ranging from natural wood and gourds to hand-knitted drapes of llama wool. Through her Madonnas, the artist claims to be "exposing a life with humble materials" to her audience, eliciting the desire to touch and become intimate with the work. Stamberg constantly participates in what she calls a "challenging journey" to bring together a variety of mediums in her search for "the perfect balance." In her move from the two-dimensional to sculpture, she has successfully developed a subtle but powerful body of work.

Duo Show:

Steve Fleming: Duo Show: Abstractions of Earth's Forces

Fulvia Musti Ciarla: Bulerias

Through strong geometric form and vivid brushwork, painter Steve Fleming pulls from his impressionist background an attempt to evoke an abstract sense of the creation of the Earth. Fleming believes in stepping outside of his comfort zone when creating: "Art is not just about safety ... it is about creative expression and personal vision."

Fleming's strong sense of dramatic color interacts, rather than clashes, with the abstract yet expressive work of Fulvia Musti Ciarla. Using recycled materials, Ciarla enrolls in a deliberate yet subconscious reaction to flamenco music. "Music infuses these new works," states the artist. Each work resonates with a sense of rhythm that commands the audience to partake in Ciarla's passion and admiration of flamenco.

Studio Gallery
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ARTIST RECEPTION TODAY November 7, 2009, 3 - 6 pm

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