Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Studio Gallery Intern Art Review

Jan Willem van der Vossen

"Nervous Wreck"

Approaching Jan Willem van der Vossen's painting, "Nervous Wreck", one certainly feels unsettled. The neon orange nervous system seems to work itself into a frenzy that culminates in the firing off of hot pink and pea green bloated appendages. The jarring color palette and the erratic crawling of the organic matter radiate heat and anxiousness. However, contrary to it's title, the painting is carefully planned and executed; the edges of each form are carefully defined against the background and the paint evenly spread. It taunts the viewer into tilting it off its perfectly hung axis, or to at least maniacally chain smoke in front of it; anything to make its tidy presentation truer to what the label suggests.

Kate Brooks

School of Fine Taste and Decadence '11

Studio Gallery Intern

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