Thursday, March 24, 2011

Studio Gallery Intern Review

Freda Lee-McCann's stunning watercolor and collage painting, “Mountains in the Mist” captures the beauty of the mountain tops of Asia with swirls of color. The soft pinks of the mountain top blend beautifully and make it seem like it has been captured during a calming sunset where the light bounces off the rocks. The deep purples define the ridges in the rock, creating a dramatic texture. The background and bottom of the painting is blurred, which makes one imagine a winding wind flowing around the mountains. Freda's use of color and of light and dark guides ones eyes to the striking and bold mountain, yet makes you feel tranquil and comfortable. One may feel that if they reach the top, they can sort out all of their problems and release any stresses they may have. This marvelous painting would fit perfectly into ones bedroom to create a place of peace.

Asia Reynolds
Savannah College of Art and Design

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