Friday, March 25, 2011

Ties and Tales Friday

It is Friday and after a long hiatus Ties and Tales is back with some very intriguing notes on what some will do after they have taken their ties home. So, for those that want a reminder of how this works...

on our door you will find a bevy of unique ties. We ask that you take one* and write an anonymous wish, "what are you going to do with it?", or story. Here are a few examples of the words and anecdotes that people have shared with our gallery:

"I take the tie with the cars and locomotives because I wish that my friends all find the strength to let go of what holds them back and migrate to strange places to just go and do letting their dreams drive."

"I will wear the tie and think about those who have suffered a natural disaster, war or revolution"

"I will give the tie w/ trains on it to a friend who's OBSESSED w/ trains"

"I will wear the tie and go on a nice date with the girl I love. She is everything I love and need. She's Amazing and she loves skinny ties."

" (I am a girl)
I am going to wear it to work next week. I've been meaning to start wearing men's clothes again."

"We're a group of friends/ Cyclists having a 6 month reunion after biking across the country for affordable housing (Boston -> Santa Barbara!) We are now dressing up for an America themed bar crawl and will incorporate this tie into an outfit!"

Be on the look out for your story to be shared weekly, Friday afternoons, from now on and if your feeling even more generous we accept tie donations.
We want to keep this going So, if you like what you read, log off you PC, and come share it!


Studio Gallery

*due to the fact that our tie numbers have been dwindling (hence the hiatus) we have changed the rules recently and ask that you write your wish etc... on the tie and leave it.
Thank You again for your participation!

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