Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Judith Judy at Gallery A

Judith Judy's Mystical Forests, on display in Gallery A now until the end of April, shows new works from the artist, as well as some older favorites. Judy stays true to her signature style-- picturesque landscapes amid the haziness of memory. Her large as well as her small works will be sure to captivate you, and as you move through the gallery your spirits will be lifted. Scenes which seem at first to be ethereal are given an edge when dripping techniques are used, and some are so vivid you cannot help but transport yourself to the exact setting. We invite you to visit Judith Judy's Mystical Forest, and experience the work so many have come to love.

-Balkis Awan

Gallery A
2106 R Street, NW
(202) 667-2599

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