Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The life of an Art Gallery Intern

George Washington University, Washington University, Notthingham University, Montgomery Blair High School, Walter Johnson High School, American University, Oberlin College...what do they all have in common? They are just some of the wonderful schools that have given us their talented, their artistic, our fabulous interns at Studio Gallery.

Today, two of said interns will tell us the highlights and unexpected adventures they have experienced at Studio Gallery.

Jenny Segal is a sophomore from San Fransisco, Ca who is majoring in Fine Arts at George Washington University. Jenny is currently showing at the gallery with her lovely watercolors.

"Jenny, what have you been most surprised about during your splendid internship here?"
" I think the thing I was most surprised about is that even within one single gallery, one can experience an astonishing diversity of art work. I was surprised by how much of the art work was inspiring and I truly liked.

Asia Reynolds is a Senior at Montgomery Blair High School. She will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design in the Fall where she plans on majoring in Photography.

"Asia, tell us some of the insights you have learned in talking to artists?'
"I love how open the artists are to talking about their art in the exhibition. They are open to giving advice and ask about my own work too. That was very exciting for me.""I also love the different personalities, some are shy, some are outgoing and some are just really awkward.""It made me feel better"

"Jenny, tell us about First Fridays at the gallery"
"Jenny: First Fridays are equal parts exciting, busy, and crazy. I was surprised by the different reactions I received from gallery patrons from compliments to outright rudeness!! But...I always look forward to the event which is one of the highlights of my college experience.

"Jenny and Asia: Waves of people enter, it calms down, another wave arrives. The most eccentric people, college students, average Joe's, young professionals, artists, wise elderly individuals and of course the most eccentric of all...the regulars"

"Tell me both about what you have learned in writing reviews of art work?"
Asia: "I have learned that it is awesome to use metaphors and similes and all the rhetorical devises I learned in High School. They really work to describe art!!

Jenny: "I was often surprised by my own reaction to art work which while sometimes odd, I had to just go with it." "I learned it was much more intuitive than any of the other writing I had done"

Jenny "One of my favorite things is that I could touch the art work!! It had always been so forbidden and now I could experience the thrill of running my fingertips across the painted canvas."

Asia "My favorite thing is just sitting in the gallery and talking about art, lives, and experiences. It makes the gallery feel like home and where I belong:

"Jenny and Asia, you are both aspiring artists. Has the gallery given you ideas about how you envision your first exhibit and what you want?"

Asia: "I like the idea of not using traditional framing and using pushpins, binder clips or clothespins to hang my photos. It makes it more accessible and you can go up close to touch it or see the smallest of details. The frame sometimes creates a distance"

Jenny: " I really like the idea of unique materials for mounting or as a painting surface. For example, wood or aluminum. Also, the idea that I can go really big or really small or both at the same time. Carol Zilliacus' miniature pieces were especially inspiring in this regard."

Asia "Coming to the gallery changed my whole perception of painting too. They do not need to be huge but can be the size of a book. Some of the most extraordinary paintings can fit right in my tote bag!!"

Jenny:"I will tell you a secret, if you volunteer in a gallery, you can get as close to the artwork as you want. Also, Teaism on the corner of R street is awesome for food, dessert and tea."

Asia: "One time a young man came to the gallery with a flat top hair do and feathers coming from his hair. And you know looked like he belonged."

You know what....everyone belongs at Studio Gallery or any gallery. Visit one today!!

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