Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studio Gallery Guest Review

Projecting into the room with a subtle streak of soft impressionism, the oil painting entitled "Wild Cherry I" provides the appreciative viewer with a stimulating simulation of a beautiful nature scene. The viewer can easily grasp the movement of light pink petals that stretch diagonally across the canvas, but it is the opposing corners that compliment the attention-grabbing center. As the arrow of flowers widens, the activity in the painting goes through stages of expression that convey an unspecific, yet realistic picture of a cherry tree. To the right the colors move rapidly, as if with wind, into a descending darkness that fades into what can be perceived as a shadowed background, and to the left the shades shift lighter and lighter, mimicking the sunlight on the top of the tree until the gradient gives way to a white and shining sky. Carol Rubin's "Wild Cherry I" stands like a true cherry tree, solid and scintillating with the touch of a natural artist.

Joey Jenkins
Catonsville Maryland

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