Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studio Gallery Intern Review

Eva Marie Ruhl's oil on canvas piece “Leave the Dancing to Me” is part of an amazing triptych arrangement. The way she contrasts the foreground against the background greatly emphasizes the bold and bright hues of the petals. The values of orange, red, and pink blend beautifully while creating a form with shadows to express the realism of the piece. The lines created by the petals guide you throughout the piece in a circle until you reach the top again, it is a never ending cycle of beauty. The title of the triptych is perfect for this piece because the petals appear to be turning and twisting as if they are in a continuous waltz with one another. This painting boldly stands out in a room full of art because of the striking realism and how the background does not distract the viewer from the lovely petals.

Asia Reynolds
Montgomery Blair High School

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