Thursday, July 28, 2011

Studio Gallery's Veronica Szalus brings trash to life

Anyone who passes by Studio Gallery will do a double-take as they realize that Veronica Szalus' work is not your everyday window piece. Aluminum is composed of over one hundred compressed soda cans. The installation is playfully alive due to Szalus' snake-like arrangement of the recycled materials. Cans are suspended from the ceiling, hanging in a vertical lines that wind down into colorful coils. This is not the first time Szalus has created art centered around a recycled object. A past installation utilized stacks of newspaper. Szalus notes in her artist statement: "Through a process of manipulating material that is fragile...I address continual shift of form." Through this exhibit, Szalus reminds viewers that no object remains the same--or should remain the same. Aluminum makes it clear that an object is often brought to "life" through an unexpected shift in form. Come First Friday, there is sure to be a crowd around this piece. Join us on August 5th and see if you can identify your favorite flavor of soda in Szalus' metallic sea of cans.

Intern Review by Mary Okoth
Photo by Asia Reynolds

Aluminum is part of this summer's UNSEEN: ALL MEMBERS SHOW. First Friday will take place on August 5th from 6-8pm. 2108 R Street NW.

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