Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trix Kuijper's "Power Struggle"

"Power Struggle" is a haunting, beautiful piece whose subject matter is not only engaging, but truly unique. At first glance the three dimensional female figures pop off of the canvas in a curious way. With linked hands and wrists together, the two figures become a one with only the horizon on the background canvas to indicate their positions, and separation. The top figure breaks the canvas edge in an an immortal way. Her position is a still image of a seemingly desperate attempt climb over and out of the piece, to connect with the figure opposite her. Deep rich hues in blues, greens and purples cast a morbid essence as the bottom figures body appears sunken in a vortex of darkness. The canvas is played up with media, giving the surface texture and a gloomy liveliness. The hair on the figures head are painted in a bright red, almost bloody pigment, a compliment to the essence of the "struggle" in this piece.

Still, the mystery of "Power Struggle" leaves one conclude his own context and meaning. Could this be a fight for status? Or a an attempt to save one's life? A successful artwork that opens for possibilities beyond a literal sense. And that is exactly what Trix Kuijper's "Power Struggle" has given us. This work and others by Kuijper are on view now at Studio Gallery DC. Come visit our gallery and find out for yourself.

Tiffany Green
Marymount University

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