Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foundry Gallery: " Befriending the Triangle"


Exhibit Dates: Wed, Apr 04 - Sun, Apr 29, 2012
Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 13 from 6-8pm
Location: 1314 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Contact: 202.463.0203/Web: www.foundrygallery.org

"Who Says You Can't Paint!"
Sat, Apr 28 from 1-6 pm

A hands-on workshop for anyone who wants to paint but thinks s/he can't. Please sign up by April 20 and contact Julia at julialaki@hotmail.con for a supply list and details on the workshop. A donation of $20 per person to the Foundry Gallery is appreciated.


Julia Latein-Kimmig’s new series is dedicated to developing and discovering the triangle in her newest of series.

Her work usually avoids what in her eyes seems a dislikeable shape and the artist does not hide her aversion of sharp, pointy edges, which steer artist and viewer alike in a predestined direction rather than allowing a less obvious, unintentional approach on how to read her paintings. Therefore, the triangle is routinely given the boot and makes way for Julia’s likeables.

Starting her paintings with a variety of loose sketches rather than chasing the geometric shape head on makes it possible to free herself and go in search of hidden treasure, intended to be subtle and at times not easily discovered amongst structures favored by the artist.

In her new series, the artist goes on a quest to conquer the unfamiliar, self imposing certain restrictions, challenging her least favorite shape in order to break out of her usual routine and explore new possibilities and discoveries on the way, eventually “Befriending the Triangle” in the process, which turns out to be not such an unwelcome shape after all.

In addition to Julia's solo show in the main gallery, Foundry's Gallery II features member artists exhibiting work that has not been shown before at the Foundry. For an exciting array of work that changes monthly exhibited by a unique group of talented artists, please be sure to visit Foundry Gallery regularly. All work is for sale. For more information about the Foundry artists, please visit www.foundrygallery.org and click on Artists. Look for us on Facebook!

(Visit our website for artist application and detail member information.)


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