Thursday, March 15, 2012

Intern Review: CRYOS

This review was written by Denise Valdez, one of Studio Gallery's interns and a senior at the University of Maryland.

How long does your work last? “An eternity and a blink of the eye.” Iwan Bagus' show Cryos in the downstairs level at Studio Gallery is a unique experience that will have the viewer thinking twice about ice cubes. Bagus takes a photo on Kodak slide films then freezes the slide into an ice cube. His show comprised of twelve pieces show different body parts that range from his head to his feet. Each has their own personality and emotion. His show Cryos (Cryonics) refers to the Greek word Kryos that means to preserve human and animals in low temperature that cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine in hopes that resuscitation and healing will be available in the future. He takes that idea and gives the viewer the experience of seeing an image of a body part in a slide frozen.

He is capturing that precise image of his body at that time, and with this shot, he is freezing it on film. He takes that moment that can disappear in time and makes it permanent. Because moments go by everyone every second he is instilling them forever in these images. Each of these pieces are different from one another and the viewer can see the process in the piece. Some are clear, while others have a ripple effect on them. With each piece being so unique the ice cube also brings that uniqueness to the image because no ice cube is like the other.

Iwan Bagus' work is something that is unusual that takes an everyday object and transforms it into art. His work is temporary because the ice cube melts but the photo he took of the cube will last a lifetime. He makes the “momentary into momentous”.

CRYOS runs until March 28th, 2012. For more information, please visit

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