Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review of K. Maroufi

Clean, precise and sharp-edged are words that can be used to describe K. A. Maroufi's sculptural pieces but one also needs the words captivation, attraction and charm.
Pages of books become multidimensional as they wave, twist and turn in the artist's deft hand.

"Book Alteration V", one of a number of pieces in the series, is striking with it's undulated pages that have been folded, indented, pleated and tucked. The complexity of the manipulated design is highlighted both by subtlety of palette and whimsy. The palette is formed by the text itself: beige pages, black font, black hardcovers. Whimsy jumps out in the form of a paper cutout of a man.

It is only as an afterthought - because does it really matter what book has been used? -
that I lean toward the window of the sill the sculpture sits upon and smile as I read the spine...Susan Hill, The Man in the Picture.

Jackie Greismann

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