Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Studio Gallery Intern Review

This piece reminds me of an arctic tundra. Cliffs of ice-- a rocky slope. As I stand here and stare, enthralled, I feel as if I'm collapsing into a dream. I'm in this tundra, staring up at the aurora borealis in the surrounding sky above. Jewel-like deposits line the choppy planes of this place, and I reach out to touch the edges--solid, rocks. And they gleam! reflecting back in their own rocky manner the gleaming in the sky. It's living in diamonds, this piece, and rubies. Embraced with lavender and swept away into oranges and greens that fall softly down like comets. They streak its edges lined with the chalky haze of this new world.

- Intern review of "Untitled," by Carol Zilliacus, mixed media on paper

Review by Jennifer Segal, GWU

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