Friday, October 1, 2010

Studio Gallery Intern Review

In it's own little corner in it's own little world Barcelona stands proudly isolated below the stairs of studio gallery's main floor; as it should be. What is perhaps most striking about this piece is Chernow's ability to give a personality to a faceless figure. It is clear that Barcelona exist in a dichotomy of fragility and strength. The grace of Degas's ballerina and the definite hard edge of Picasso makes this painting even more alluring. “Barcelona” stands in a slight Controposto harkening back to her Greco-Roman counterparts. However, the chaos of Chernow's color palette and strength of her amazing ability to render highlights and shadow gives “Barcelona” a vulnerability. It is as if what she sees should not be taken lightly. This quality also allows the wall on which the piece is hung to be an extension of the piece itself. The viewer is almost inclined to expect that if you were to touch the painting with your hand it would extend far beyond the other side and actually feel what is making “Barcelona” uneasy.

Elizabeth Hay
George Washington University
Class of 2013

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