Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Four Artists at Gallery A

This month at Gallery A, the focus is not on one, but on four artists. With a wide array of styles
ranging from abstract to near surreal, the show promises to deliver.

Rosana Azar's surreal works have an eco-conscious undertone, utilizing themes and organic shapes such as eggs and blooming flowers.

Her geometric shapes flow into one another, creating a harmony that is natural and fluid. Her color palette is usually warm-- red, orange, and yellow dominate most of her canvases. On display are works both large and small, as well as a diptych piece.

Alex Lord, in an original way utilizes an intricate process which ends with several layers of car paint in order to give his works an edgy and contemporary iridescence. He uses models for his intricate casts in a process of giving finished shape to his plexiglass medium. His works predictably are most appreciated in Northern Italy and New Orleans Latin Quarter. His works made a splash in bureaucratic stiff Washington. Don't miss the show!

Artist Marian Bingham (Bing), brings the complex theme of the horse into her art work. You will find that line plays a large role in her pieces, though not always straight they add dynamism, depth, and perspective to her galloping subjects.

Judith Judy's room at Gallery A displays delicate, nostalgic abstract landscapes. Delicate oils on board, nostalgic of nineteenth century American landscape. The viewer is mesmerized and compelled to stand still as he's captivated by the depth of Judy's images. Her landscapes have retained their signature mystical quality. However, she is utilizing some new mediums, such as gesso board. The gauziness of her images strips them of specificity, and perhaps you will find that when you look at them, you are viewing a landscape that is familiar; exercising your memory and imagination at the same time. Judith Judy's solo show with astounding new work will be presented in April.

We invite you to come view the work of these four Gallery A artists, on display now until the beginning of March!

-Balkis Awan

Gallery A
2106 R Street, NW
(202) 667-2599

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