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Exhibit Dates: Aug 31 - Oct 02,2011
Opening Reception: Sept 02, 6-8 PM
Location: 1314 18th St, NW
Hours: Wed-Fri 1-7 pm, Sat/Sun 12-6 pm

A love for life's colors, an appreciation for objects and painting tools with character and a respect for composition and dynamic tension find their way into the artist's paintings.

A wild variety of brushes, pieces of torn discarded drawings, neglected studies and street finds get a second chance on life, making it onto the canvas and taking the artist on a unique journey.

The result opens a window in how Julia Latein-Kimmig interprets her mix of what is obvious to the eye as well as to what is easily passed by and overlooked.

The artist dedicates 50% of the artist share of sales to Somalia famine relief.

September Members' Exhibit. In addition to Latein-Kimmg's solo exhibit in Gallery 1, Gallery 2 features member artists' work that has not been shown before at the Foundry and is available for purchase. Come meet our artists at the Dupont Circle First Friday Gallery Tour on Sept 02, 6-8pm.

The Foundry Gallery has been bringing local artists and art lovers together since 1971. We are located at 1314 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036. Regular Hours: Wed - Fri 1-7pm, and Sat & Sun 12-6pm. For an exciting array of new work by an exceptionally talented group of artists, please be sure to visit the Foundry Gallery regularly.

Become a Member! We are currently accepting new member applications. For more information about the Foundry Gallery, our artists, or how to become a member, please visit our website at www.foundrygallery.org.

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