Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Studio Gallery: Intern Review

Amy B. Davis

It's grotesquely pure and lucid. Amy B. Davis's "Lydia" is a portrayal of a figure, sitting upright and is of no distinct detail as it fades into the background. Although faceless and obscure, it embodies moments of tradition with its painterly force, but also advocates for more than the simple aesthetics of beauty and attraction. Its biomorphic and organic shape of a head defined by a deep red can suggest an intimate nature and concealed sense of a perishable life. It represents the beginnings of a solidified reality with its imitation of the most basic forms. Moreover, it feels as if this painting transcends both time and space as a person inhabiting such a state can neither feel the physical and emotional consequences of imminence and proceeding time. Perhaps, it is a longing of the artist to be in such a place where compliance to immortality is both elementary and facile.

Priscilla Son
University of Virginia '13

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