Thursday, June 3, 2010

Studio Gallery intern review

Part of Kat Kronick's solo show on the main floor of Studio Gallery, "Oceanfront: Wildlife" wonderfully represents the focus of the show on transferring experience into art. The abstract forms and colors of the piece really capture the liveliness and strong sensations associated with the ocean. By showing the layers of sky, sections of water, and sand from background to foreground give the painting a slightly greater sense of the real than some of the her other works. There is a balance to the painting, established by the contrast of the more simple horizantal lines bordering the swirling and thrashing lines of the waters and wildlife. These intense contrasts are characteristic of Kat's works. Come check out this painting and other similar works by Kat Kronick at the gallery this month!

Alana Arslan
Studio Gallery Intern
American University 2011

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