Thursday, June 17, 2010

Studio Gallery Intern Review

Sidney Lawrence has intricately documented his travels, from Budapest to Bogotá and beyond, in the form of drawings and digital prints. Born in San Francisco, Lawrence eventually landed in Washington, D.C. where he worked at the Hirshhorn Museum for twenty-eight years. A veteran of the D.C. art scene, Lawrence is currently showing his work as a guest artist at Studio Gallery. On display are digital prints “Washington Face,” “DC Panorama,” and his journal-style artist book, Ink Cities. Lawrence's marks, although precise, are gestural and energetic. In his shockingly detailed black and white drawings, it is evident that Lawrence observes everything a city has to offer. Bridges, towers, trees and traffic are all incorporated to reflect the constant movement and spontaneity of a city. His work truly exhibits the enthusiasm of an explorer. D.C., San Francisco, Manhattan, Münster, and Cadiz are personified to resemble parts of the human body. Lawrence emphasizes the way in which all of the world's cities are alive with a distinct personality and “face.” Ink Cities encourages you to consider the lively cities you have met along life's journey.

Mary Okoth
Studio Gallery Intern
Oberlin College 2014

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