Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trix Kuijper Review

Trix Kuijper's mixed media piece titled "The Spectators" makes an intriguing juxtaposition of intimacy and gore; roughly one square foot and hung at eye level, the sculptural painting beckons the viewer to step into its space. On the surrounding edge of the canvas, bits of flesh-colored paint show through reddish-brown drips and smears, calling to mind a grizzly, unattended injury. The most likely source of the profuse bleeding is the center of the canvas, where a hole has been cut and wire netting crumpled and stuffed. There, peering back at the viewer, nestled cozily in a gash in the netting and pools of dark red paint, are seven larvae-like faces. The viewer wonders if they are sinister beings like their surroundings who feed off the wound, or whether are they are victims seeking shelter and companionship.

Kate Brooks
Studio Gallery Intern
Maryland Institute College of Art, 2011, Illustration

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