Thursday, June 17, 2010

Studio Gallery Intern Review

Yvette Kraft's portfolio contains mostly colorful figurative drawings done on paper in various mediums. The piece that caught my eye was one done in pencil and caran d'Ache of a what seems to be female figure. It is mainly made up of very simple yet extremely expressive lines that vary in length and thickness. Although the lines are simple, they really capture a specific expression that works well with the unique combination of colors. Another important characteristic of the piece that I find brings a lot of interest to it is its finished/unfinished quality; the face and the left corner of the background is more colored in and given more attention to detail, which creates a great balance with the looser lines that extend throughout the rest of the page, defining the figure's body. Whenever artists use a figure as their main subject in their work, I always tend to think about the relationship between the two and ponder questions such as "how are they related?" or "how does the artist feel about the figure?". I feel like Yvette is especially answering a lot of these types of questions about the people in her work.

Susan Cho
Studio Gallery Intern
Rhode Island School of Design '12

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