Thursday, June 24, 2010

Studio Gallery Reviews - Carolee Jakes

While most people would think to express music with the aid of an instrument, Carolee Jakes expresses music through her series of screen prints. Inspired by her fascination of human interaction with animate and inanimate objects, as well as a musical family, Jakes found people's interactions with instruments to be particularly intriguing.
Her prints feature a variety of musicians playing violins, guitars, and in one case, a xylophone. In this particular print, Trio 3, a man shrouded in a warm purple hue intently plays his xylophone. His connection to the instrument is evident in the imminent dropping of the mallets in his hands, as well as his facial expression, which emanates both pleasure and an intense focus. With a deep black ink, Jakes layers a melodious medley of shapes and lines which resound from within the xlyophone to the white border of the print. As in many of her prints, in Trio 3 Jakes skillfully manages to visually realize the music of the xylophone, an inanimate object that is brought to life through the expressive connection with its player and partner.

One of Studio Gallery's newest members, Carolee Jakes is a graduate of the Corcoran. Her work is currently on display as part of this months New Members Exhibition.

Mark Lamberton
Studio Gallery School of Artistic Brilliance '11

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